Paul D. Franzon

Associate Department Head for Graduate Affairs at

North Carolina State University


Cirrus Logic Distinguished Professor

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+1 919-515-7351

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3014B Engineering Building II

Raleigh, NC


About me

I am currently the Cirrus Logic Distinguished Professor and the Director of Graduate Programs in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University. I earned my Ph.D. from the University of Adelaide in Adelaide, Australia. My professional journey includes roles at AT&T Bell Laboratories, DSTO Australia, Australia Telecom, Rambus, and four companies that I co-founded: Communica, LightSpin Technologies, Polymer Braille Inc., and Indago Technologies.

My current research interests involve applying machine learning to electronic design automation (EDA), developing AI accelerators, RFID technology, advanced packaging, 2.5D and 3DICs, and secure chip design. I have led several major projects and have published over 300 papers in these fields. In terms of recognition, I received an NSF Young Investigators Award in 1993, was inducted into the NCSU Academy of Outstanding Teachers in 2001, named a Distinguished Undergraduate Alumni Professor in 2003, received the Alcoa Research Award in 2005, the Board of Governors Teaching Award in 2014, and the Distinguished Graduate Alumni Professor award in 2021. I have also received faculty awards from Qualcomm, IBM, and Google.

Earlier in my life, I served with the Australian Army Reserve for 13 years as an Infantry Soldier and Officer. I am proud to be a Fellow of the IEEE.